Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is in the nature of an experiment. There is a certain narcissim involved in this, I suppose. It's a kind of display of self-regard. Or, perhaps, a kind of public diary, assuming one wants to be personal. I'm not certain I do. But, there is an attraction in doing something like this; one gains a kind of immortality in cyberspace, and that may be the only immortality attainable to us.

As the name suggests, I'm a ciceronian of sorts, in a way a follower of Cicero. I can't pretend to emulate his style, as I think Erasmus did. But, for all his faults, vanity being predominate, I admire what he managed to achieve, in writing, in law, in politics and philosophy. He managed to rise to the top of the Roman world without slaughtering tens of thousands if not more, no mean feat.

Philosophy, fencing, chess, books, society, politics are my interests and I'll address them here, if only for my own amusement. But, perhaps there'll be something more than that. We shall see, or at least I will.

For the time being, vale.

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